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Yoga and Essential Oils

Recently my wife, Barbara, and I have started using essential oils from doTERRA.  You may not realize that there is a connection between what yoga has to offer and what essential oils can do for you.

Yoga has many aspects or eight limbs:  Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayamas, Pratyaharas, Dharanas, Dhyanas and Samadhis.  As a first year yoga student I know little about these eight limbs but I do know that it involves mind, body and spirit as it applies to your practice.  In essential oils there is a mind-body connection through the sense of smell and the topical and internal application of the oils.

With yoga you have to find your own path to see what works best for you and makes you the happiest.  Likewise with the essential oils you must explore which oils smell best to you and find oils with purity so you can feel safe putting them on your skin and ingesting them.  When exploring oils please try doTERRA because they are one of two brands I trust to take internally and the only brand that has five separate tests for purity for each batch.

Over time you become stronger in your yoga practice.  The oils can help your mind via the sense of smell that connects directly into the lymbic system and can affect mood and sense of well being.  They also cross the blood brain barrier to help with brain chemistry and health.  The affect of the oils is dramatic and immediate.  Come by the office and talk to Barbara or Robin about some samples of doTERRA essential oils today.

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