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States of Energy Awareness

We are all energetic beings and the energy fields we generate extend beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies.  Many of us have felt a somatic response when someone has come up behind us.  This is usually goose bumps or hair raising on our neck or arms.  In the absence of being alerted by our five senses this has to be something else.  I believe that we have nerve receptors that along with light touch, temperature and pain, some receptors can feel changes in energetic fields.  Most people can feel energy with practice but there are five basic states of energy awareness:

  • Unaware:  you ignore your energy awareness for whatever reason.

  • Semi-aware: you begin to feel energy but choose not to understand what you feel.

  • Aware: you feel energy and you are curious about what you feel.

  • Hyper-aware: you feel and can define differences in the energy you feel.

  • Acutely Aware:  you feel so much energy that the vortex of feelings is overwhelming.

There are so many more ways to define energy awareness but this is a simple guide to help people understand what they are feeling.  For those people who are energy aware you are not alone.  Others are disabled by their lack of understanding and control of the energies they feel.  Still more have not yet experienced this new way of thought, they may be curious and want to practice feeling energy.

Being unaware of energy is quite common and may occur for many reasons. Sometimes people have never been exposed to the possibility of feeling energy.  Others have been misunderstood by the medical community and received a false diagnosis possibly even medicated to the point that all their senses are numb (muted energy awareness).  Many people are self medication through legal and illegal means which can also mute your awareness of energy.

Semi-awareness of energy is best described when people feel energy on an occasional basis but do not spend time and effort to explore the possibilities surrounding those feelings.  One example is when someone runs their hand over a crystal and feels tingles then forgets the incident and thinks nothing more of it.  This is neither good nor bad.  Some day that person may choose to explore a deeper understanding of energy.

Energy aware people feel energy in many things and explore other areas where they can feel energy.  Sometimes understanding what you are feeling does not come easily.  A mentor who has a grasp on what energy sensations mean can guide the energy aware to greater understanding.  This exploration can aid you in feeling which foods and supplements are better for you, the best car or house to own, even guide you to which people you want to associate with.  Often the energy aware will reach the limit of understanding with their current mentor and seek a new mentor who has a greater understanding of energetic interpretation.  This helps the energy aware to continue growing in their own journey of energy awareness and become motivated to mentor others on this journey.

Hyper-Aware people are usually in some state of mastery of what they feel. They may have been unaware and became curious about the subject and worked to define and control what they feel.  The other end of the spectrum is the individual that was acutely aware and found ways to understand and control their perception of energy.  These people can usually choose to function in society but others will withdraw to a place where they feel comfortable.  Hyper-aware people often feel their way through life depending on how things feel energetically more than any other logic or sensory input.

Acutely energy aware people are all around us.  Sometimes the issues are mild and annoying like the woman that would faint when she went down the freezer section of a grocery store.  Moderately acute energy awareness can manifest where your body is more comfortable with the main circuit breaker in your home turned off or you are extremely uncomfortable around high voltage equipment or power lines.  Extremely acute energy dysfunction can make you feel and act mentally ill.  Because we have no universal way to diagnose and treat extreme energy sensitivity many of these acutely energy sensitive people end up in facilities for mental illness.  Once medicated these people may not feel energy as intensely as before they were medicated, but if they get off medication many of the energy sensitivities will return.  A knowledgeable mentor can help guide the acutely energy aware.  Reading books on the subject is also helpful in your quest to understand this situation.  There are supplements and devices that can help neutralize some or all of the major issues with acute sensitivities.  Meditation will help focus your senses and awareness and can connect you to answers for questions that you may have.  Over time the acutely energy sensitive person can move toward hyper sensitivity and a higher quality of life.

If you are curious about energy then a Reiki Master can help.  After your training you practice giving energy treatments.  You may not feel anything at first but with focus and time practicing most feel the flow of energy at different points in their body.  As your awareness grows you will feel energy from the bodies of those you are treating.  Again, with time, you may develop an understanding of what you are feeling.

Mastery is always at hand whether you are unaware or overly aware ask questions and the answers will be presented to you.  Problems and dysfunction are just opportunities in disguise.


Doc Kille, Reiki Master

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