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Perfect Health Wellness & Chiropractic in Springfield, MO is more than our name, it's our goal. We want to help you to find better health naturally and believe the body has a tremendous power to heal itself if in proper alignment.  Our patients tell our story the best, and below, are just a few of the many great compliments we receive. 

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Testimonials about Perfect Health Chiropractic


Tough Pain; Simple Fix


"I had my right thumb giving me extreme discomfort for about 10 months.  It would stay locked up … and movement was not possible without using my left hand to force it.  After using Baxyl for about a week as suggested by Dr. Kille I have had full range of motion and there is no pain associated with my thumb any more." 


- L. Baggett

Headaches are a Memory


"I had been suffering migraine headaches for the past 16 years on average of 1 to 3 a week.  I have tried several different doctors with only some relief. I still get them occasionally, but overall a huge improvement."


- Steve H. - Springfield, MO

K-Laser Fixed My Shingles


I had shingles [which were] the most painful thing I had ever experienced.  [Dr Kille] used the laser treatment and the healing was exceptionally fast."


- L. Moore

Thorough and Skilled

"It has been a while since my dear friend, Bob, came in to see you.  I want to thank you for how well he is doing. He suffered back and neck issues for years.  Now he is trouble-free. When I was there, watching you work on Bob I was impressed with your skill and thoroughness.  Also, I appreciate the time you took to discuss his case, exercises, and supplements.  I plan to schedule to visit for myself soon." 


- T. Bresee

Still Flexible


"I have had 8 vertebrae fused.  Due to this my spine doesn’t react as normal.  With a series of stretches and adjustments to my neck and hips, I have been able to remain flexible." 


- L. Moore

Avoided Surgery for Carpal Tunnel


"When I began experiencing tingling and numbness in my left hand last year I had a feeling it was carpal tunnel.  I type on computer keyboard during my workday and have done so for the past twenty years of my career.  So, carpal tunnel isn’t uncommon in my field and I knew the signs.  When the pain got bad enough and kept walking me up at night I went to see my primary care doctor.  He said I would likely have to snip the ligament in my arm via surgery sometime soon. 

Thankfully, I decided to share that with you and after just four visits/treatments in your office, my arm is back to normal and is pain-free!  No surgery, no drugs, and no expensive out-of-pocket medical deductibles.  Traditional medicine knows they can kill a fly with a hammer and just accepts the collateral damage that goes along with that approach.  I am grateful you gave me a gentler, safer, more effective and less expensive solution. Thank you!"


- S. Spears

Thorough, Patient, Professional


"I have been receiving chiropractic care for a period of over 50 years from Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh,  to St. Louis.  I went to many fine doctors but Dr. Kille is the most thorough, patient, and most professional, I have ever seen.  Recently, I was in a serious auto accident and I immediately went to his office for treatment.  Over a period of 4 months I received treatment and am on my way to recovery with the neck pain and headaches subsiding. Dr. Kille is always seeking new knowledge, new ideas and treatment, and I appreciate this.  He is truly a credit to his profession." 

- G. Waggoner

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