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The Chiropractors

Dr. JR Kille

Dr. Kille's patients, whether 1 month old or 100 years young, receive the care that promotes optimal mental, physical, and social wellness.  Besides treatment with the chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Kille is a Certified Loomis Enzyme Specialist dealing with digestive issues and how enzymes help regulate internal organs. He has practiced Reiki since 1997 and is a Reiki master. He added Kinesio taping, K-laser, UltraSlim and TurboSonic technologies to his practice to help his patients heal quickly and experience optimal health.  Dr. Kille uses Activator, Toggle, Diversified, Gonstead, SOT and extremity adjusting techniques to help his patients self-regulate and heal quickly. Dr. Kille believes that, Ultimately, true health is achieved when someone is proactive in matters of their own well-being. Taking command of your health leads to true wellness in body, mind and spirit,


Dr. Kille became a certified yoga instructor, RYT-200, in May of 2019. He looks forward to working with veterans and seniors to provide tools that will promoting healthy habits.


Dr. Kille graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa in the fall of 2005 where he traveled to Washington D.C. as a congressional lobbyist and served with a Chiropractic World Mission to India.

Dr. Kille is a retired Navy veteran with 20 years of distinguished service where he served as a navy recruiter and a Nuclear Power Technician on-board the USS McKee (AS-41) and the submarines: USS Narwhal (SSN-671), USS Alabama (SSBN-731) and USS Nevada (SSBN-733) as well as a Puget Sound Naval Nuclear Repair Facility.  


Dr. Kille now lives in Springfield, Missouri with his wife, Barbara. He is very
active in the Reiki and yoga communities.

Dr. Russ Fowler

Russ Fowler, D.C. has over 14 years experience as a chiropractic physician, and has helped many people live a more active, productive and healthy life. He has great success helping people with sports injuries, auto and work injuries, neck, back, and joint pain.

His experience as a rehabilitation specialist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and professional athlete, make him the doctor to go to for health care. Whether you are an elite athlete who wants to excel, critically ill and are looking to restore health, or somewhere in the middle he is able to care for you.

Dr. Fowler incorporates his past experience and knowledge to bring a unique perspective and method of healing by restoring function through chiropractic adjustments, rehab, posture re-education, and core strengthening.

Graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri in 2000, he is skilled in many methods of care including gentle adjusting for the young, elderly, athletes, and office workers.

Dr. Fowler spends his time in and out of the office educating and inspiring people to maximized living so they can reach their God-given potential and achieve optimal health and prosperity. He is a sought after speaker at local churches, schools and businesses, and is working with local gyms and sports teams to improve athletic performance, decrease injury, and speed recovery time.

He attended Grand Canyon University where he met his loving wife. They now have four children.

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