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Are Smart Meters Dangerous?

Today we have important information for anyone who may have had a sudden increase in blood pressure, serious headache especially between their eyes or increase in anger feelings or outbursts. Smart Meters for electric, gas and water are being installed all over many cities and we are already learning about several of our patients in Springfield, Missouri with issues that seem to be directly related to the Smart Meters.

One patent, an elderly lady that is very active, started having the feeling of being angry all the time with focal headaches. Upon examination her blood pressure was moderately elevated. These symptoms persisted for months before she requested remove her new Smart Meter and install the old type meter. Immediately after the removal of the Smart Meter her headache symptoms abated, her blood pressure normalized and her anger


Other patients have reported headaches, fatigue, dizziness, high blood pressure, feelings of anger that is exaggerated and body buzz, like driving a motor cycle all day, making it difficult to sleep at night. Not all of those patients have all of those symptoms but today someone came into our office reporting high blood pressure and headache. We asked about the anger issues and she said, "yes that too." A Smart Meter had been

installed in her home one day before she went to her doctor with symptoms of high blood pressure.

In 2013 the American Academy of Environmental Medicine reported on Smart Meters. The report said, "many of the symptoms reported including fatigue, headaches, heart palpitation, dizziness and other symptoms have been shown to be triggered by electromagnetic field exposure under double blind placebo controlled

conditions" These Smart Meters are reportedly sending out a constant signal to the utility monitoring station so that they can get data on power usage and power outages. These meters will also allow the utility company to do the monthly meter reading remotely saving money but eliminating jobs. Dr. Laura Pressley PhD measured the amount of RF radiation put out by the Smart Meter. She says that the average Smart Meter puts out about 60,000 microwatts of power per square meter. Most homes without RF radiation emitting devices have a baseline of 3 microwatts per square meter or less. This increase could account for the symptoms that have been reported. No long-term studies are available to give us further data on how Smart Meters will affect the population in the future.

The US and Canada's safety limit for RF is 1000 microwatts per centimeter squared, established in 1998. Many other countries around the world have safety limits of 2.4 to 10 microwatts per centimeter squared. In 1998 there was no expectation of each house in the country having a Smart Meter, WiFi and multiple wireless devices not to mention each person having one or more cell phones, tablets and fitness devices.

If you suspect that these meters are causing problems for you then you have some options. First, call your utility company and ask them to re-install the old type meters at your house. They may give you the run-around but be persistent. Second, if you suspect you are feeling the effects from meters installed at houses close by then you have to shield the signal being put out by the Smart Meter. For more information on products to shield these devices or information on how to measure ELF or RF levels in your home contact our office by email:

Dr. JR Kille

Perfect Health Chiropractic

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