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Relief from the pain of Shingles

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Stop living in pain from shingles

Hi, I’m Dr. JR Kille and today I’m discussing how our K-laser eliminates shingles pain. I have been having great success with relieving shingles pain with the K-laser and Seabuckthorn oil. Currently I am working with a local physical therapy group to administer laser to seniors. And the best part is that with a minimal exam fee most patients on Medicare can get the laser treatments at no cost to them.

The laser treatments are usually very comfortable, the patient will feel a warm sensation and normally within three treatments,  2-3 days apart, a noticeable decrease in pain will occur. If you have active shingles blisters they tend to dry up and heal. Some patients come to us with shingles pain that lasts long after the blisters are healed. This is called Post Shingles Syndrome. Those people can get great relief quickly with the K-laser. Here is an example of someone who was helped by our laser.

An incredible success story in Shingle pain relief

A 78 year old man came to us with severe pain in his arm and rib cage for over 10 years.The first three treatments were painful due to his incredibly sensitive skin. Our great confidence in our treatment kept him coming back and he was desperate.   After the 5th session with the K-laser, the sharp sudden razor blade pain in his arm and rib cage went away. He has had 10 treatments and continues to improve and his quality of life is so much better. This has been our most severe case to date but all cases have responded within 5 laser treatments and usually patients complete their course of treatment within 15 sessions.

Within the last two months we have added Seabuckthorn seed oil to use topically at home and this seems to take the post shingles sensitivity away. The patient with the largest area of shingles, an 89 year old grandmother of eight, had half of her back and leg covered in shingles sores. After two K-laser sessions she could sleep through the night and 20 sessions later she only had residual sensitivity. The Seabuckthorn oil took the sensitivity away within the first application and two weeks later the irritation was completely gone.

I am sure that I have saved at least one life from suicide and countless others are free of the horible pain caused by shingles due to this amazing therapy. Let’s get others on the ball to start helping our senior feel better.

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