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This is me at 54 years old after a year of yoga

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Dr. Kille

Last weekend I spent three hour power washing my house.  I was on a 19 foot ladder to get the peaks and eaves of the roof.  There was lots of twisting my torso while engaging my core muscles to hold the pressure wash wand.  Some of the positions my body was in reminded me of the more difficult yoga poses.  Afterwards I was tired and sore the next day but not bad for a 54 year old that couldn't touch his toes at age 53.

Yoga practice is so simple.  You just have to show up and do the best you can for yourself.  Actually it is a form of self-love.  Spend some time improving your body, mind and spirit (whatever that means to you).  Deepak Chopra says, "Everyone should spend an hour a day working on themselves."  I believe that meditation, yoga and self massage are all forms of self-love.  Seriously, you can't be sick enough to make someone else well.  Start with yourself and others will be amazed and follow.

I was amazed at my ability this weekend.  Yoga, and my desire to practice regularly has saved my quality-of-life.  I look forward to the next big advancement in my practice and when 55 comes around what more can I do that I am not able to do now.

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