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Learning on Vacation

My wife and I recently went to the Turks and Caicos Islands for a vacation.  The surf, sand and sunshine were unbelievable.  Arriving I had a dehydration headache, something I rarely get.  Barb, being a massage therapist quickly relaxed the muscle and a gallon of water and I was much better.  There was still a little something wrong so we looked up the chiropractor on the Island.  She was a very gracious lady and we exchanged treatments each believing we had gotten the better of the trade.  She had a very interesting perspective on nutrition for the island locals.

The local people are not well off even though there is plenty of money on the island.  It is basically a 3rd world country.  As such their nutrition is poor.  Beans and rice are a staple and not many fresh fruit or vegetables.  The local chiro sells a greens drink to help supplement for the poor population but not all of them can afford such good nutrition.  I know we are very fortunate here in the Ozarks but many of our local families struggle to provide good nutritious meal for themselves so we depend heavily on charities that can help but green leafy vegetables and fresh foods are more scarce.

Good nutrition is so important to maintaining a healthy body.  I can many times tell when adjusting if someone has had good nutrition by the way their body reacts to the treatment.  Sadly many people with means to have good nutrition choose their food source poorly.  I will be doing some classes in the future on good nutrition so watch for the opportunities to see how you can make small changes in your diet that will make a big difference in your health.

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