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Enzymes: What you need to know

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Hi everyone – today I’m discussing my new passion for enzymes, specifically Loomis Enzymes.  I recently attended a seminar that changed my life and the way I will practice forever.  We learned about digestive stress and our genetically modified, enzyme deficient, food supply.

Enzymes are a large class of protein substances that are produced by living cells.  They are essential to life and require co-enzymes for activation.  They help us digest food and a whole lot more.  If you lack enzymes you may feel gas pain and bloating, constipation or diarrhea, anxiety or irritability, headache and heartburn.  Now I have the tools to help my patients with their digestive stress and so much more.

Enzyme therapy is remarkable.  A patient seen in my office for back pain but also has GURD can now get chiropractic therapy for the low back pain and enzyme therapy for the digestive pain.  Enzyme therapy works hand in hand with other therapies helping to resolve many complaints and illnesses.

Did you know there is an enzyme formula for bed wetting?  If you want to know more about enzymes contact our office to schedule a consult, fill out a detailed enzyme questionnaire, and get started digesting your way to health.  

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