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Almost Instant Pain Relief

Wow, what a change and so fast. I have chronic left elbow pain, medial epicondylitis. A

patient gave me some pain patches, one brown and one white, so I put the white one on my elbow pain point. My starting pain was an 8 of 10 and within one minute I felt all my pain was gone. Once my brain assessed the pain again I would actually call it a 2 of 10. That was amazing especially now knowing that I was supposed to use both patches together to get the best effect.

I had been given a LifeWave, Ice Wave patch set where the brown patch goes on the pain point and the white goes close by to support the best pain reduction possible. I started looking at all the information on these products. Are they a chemical, transdermal or something else? Turns out the patch is impregnated with a substance that reflects certain wavelengths of infra-red light stimulating the body to produce the desired response.

After two days, and working on a number of patients my elbow pain started returning so on go the Ice Wave patches, this time the proper way and the same amazing effect, causing pain reduction from about a 6 of 10 to a 1 of 10 within 2 minutes. I wore them for 12 hours and then took them off and started working the tissue to remove the cause of my issue, over worked muscles and tight fascia. My pain has been replaced with soreness and is so much better. Thanks Ice Wave.

Want to learn more about this product and many others go to or call our office at 417-881-2295.

Dr. JR Kille

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