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Dr. Kille's Yoga Journey

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

As many of you know I trained for and completed a mini-triathlon in August of 2015.  I trained very hard and was going to take a month off which turned into seven.  Sound familiar?  In March 2016 I was feeling tired, tight and not so fit.  Jann, our front desk supervisor, invited me to a yoga class where she practices.  Since the triathlon 10 pounds magically appeared on my body and I couldn't touch my toes if my life depended on it.

My first class at Sage Studio Yoga and Wellness was with Shane Knox.  It was a basic class but as I learned, basic does not mean beginner.  Shane was very professional, telling us to be careful and to only do what felt comfortable.  I totally ignored his good advice and tried to do everything everyone else did.  The following day getting out of bed was a challenge.  Lots of arnica, turmeric, biofreeze and massage that day and the next few and I was feeling better.  Saturday at 9am came early the next week and I forced myself out of bed and got to the class.

The second class with Shane went great and I did what I could and challenged myself when it felt safe.  Nine months later and I can do a forward fold touching my palms to the floor, but just barely.  I have much more energy and feel great.  Best of all I am confident that I can do more without injuring myself.

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