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Chiropractic Helps Pro Basketball Player

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Chiropractic treatment without drugs, injections or surgery

The Injury

Hi, I’m Dr. Kille and I recently had the opportunity to help a European professional basket ball player with an Achilles tendon injury.  The injury was painful and kept him from playing his “A” game.  Within four visits his pain level has reduced 85% without tape and with tape on his heel he is playing without pain.  That is zero pain when it matters most.

Our player was on a French team and came down hard on his heel mid-season. Because he was one of the best players the coaches played him hard the rest of the season.  Unfortunately there was no chiropractors to help the injured players.  The good news is he found me after talking to one of my Springfield Wolf Pack players.

The Treatment

Our player had Achilles tendonitis and wanted to be ready for the upcoming European basket ball season in one month.  We conducted two treatments per week.  I found the pain point on his heel and did trigger point therapy with a Guasha tool and Arthrostim device.  K-laser was used to speed healing time and decrease pain and inflammation.  Both ankles were adjusted to improve range of motion.  The muscles of his calf were massaged to release a trigger points that was affecting his Achilles tendon.  Kinesio tape was applied to his calf and heel to relax the muscles and support the Achilles tendon.  Lots of home instructions were given to support the therapy we were doing.

Can Chiropractic Help You?

Chiropractic can be applied to the spine, upper and lower extremities and muscles associated with any movable joint.  If you have an injury, pain and/or swelling come in for a consultation to see what our chiropractic techniques and therapy tools can do for you.  We will refer patients to appropriate medical professionals when needed, but pride ourselves in healing issues without prescriptions, injections or surgery. Even a sprained ankle can heal faster and with less pain with the tools and techniques we have available at Perfect Health Chiropractic.

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