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Chiropractic and Football

The Springfield Wolf Pack - The 2011 Season

Hi, I’m Dr. Kille and today I’m discussing all the fun I had working with the Springfield Wolf Pack arena football team.  Arena football is a fast paced game of eight on eight players on a 50 yard field.  As with all contact sports injuries are common.  The 2011 season was no exception with six significant knee traumas, foot issues, dislocations, concussions, rib and shoulder injuries.  This challenge required all my clinical skill and intelligent use of my K-laser, Kinesio Tape, extremity adjusting knowledge and more.  Helping my players get back on the field was very satisfying.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

Spinal alignment helps improve movement and coordination.  One player was getting an electric shock feeling down his arms into his hands affecting his ability to grip.  I delivered chiropractic adjustments to his neck and by mid season he was feeling great with powerful grip strength.  Players said they seemed to move better and breath deeper after an adjustment.

The Magic Tape

Kinesio tape was an important part of the treatment for so many acute and chronic injuries.  Kinesio tape lifts the skin causing nerve stimulation and support.  This tape helps with sprains and strains and even turf toe feels better with the tape on.  The players would come into my treatment space and say, “ Give me some of that magic tape.”

Chiropractic for knees and other joints

The hardest part of my time with the Wolf Pack is telling a player he had a significant season ending injury.  We had a few major knee injuries this season but for the less significant injuries the taping in conjunction with adjustments to correct joint space or bone positions helped my players return to the field quickly.  Early in the season a player with an ankle sprain sufferedthree weeks of sharp pain when on his feet.  Once I was told about the problem I quickly adjusted the ankle bones.  The pain left his ankle immediately and he was able to play at a high level again.  After that most of the players came to me   immediately after getting hurt.

K-laser helps injuries heal quickly

Laser energy speeds up the healing process and the K-laser is more powerful than most.  I worked on many injuries that needed K-laser treatments.  One player had a pre-season tear of his Pec. Major muscle.  This potentially season ending injury healed in eight week with laser and kinesio tape use.  The laser also reduces pain and helps with swelling.

The experience I had with the Wolf Pack was priceless.  I gave my all to the players and they showed me a sense of gratitude that went far beyond simple friendship.  Sports injuries will always be an important part of my practice.

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